What are we all about- Our Milestones



  • Verifer is a leading provider of Educational institutes’ eco-system, addressing Educational ERP, e-learning and educational commerce market. Founded in 2011, the company had a clear objective to create a sustainable education eco-system where the silos in education will be united under a single platform.


  • Being awarded the “Best Startup in India” by Silicon India in 2012, Verifer is constantly striving to stay in the lead with cutting edge advancements by bringing world class services to both the receiving ends- educational institutes as well as the students/parents end, the later which is ignored by most of the educational ERP providers.


  • Verifer did its beta testing with the renowned technical institute ‘City International Schools’ here in Pune and they are with the company as happy and satisfied customers till date.


  • The company was recognized and supported by Microsoft Bizspark in 2015. Microsoft Bizspark is a global program that helps startups success by giving them free access to Microsoft Azure cloud services, software, and support.


  • Being commercially launched in January 2015, Verifer has been implemented in more than 100 institutes by the end of the Academic Year 2015, making it a commendable and trustworthy ERP solution for any educational eco-system.


  • Verifer from time to time, has been known for being financially helpful to educational institutes. Example for the same can be seen in ‘Zeal Education trust’ who felicitated the product as it streamlined their processes making it simple and unified which resulted in huge monetary savings in FY15-16 for the institution.


  • Verifer played a key role in NBA and NAAC accreditation for a renowned technical campus here in Pune.


  • Verifer being proficient in services it provides, helped a renowned school in Goa for publishing the FA-1 Results in record time of 1 day for which the institute felicitated the company for the same.



Our Research, Our Analysis



As per the studies, Government and Private Educational institutes in India invest heavily on the development of students but they lack way behind in tracking their performance, presence of the students and teachers in the class. Instead of a simpler solution, these educational institutes still depend on the physical and the age old conventional method of data entry where they are bound to face errors (and they do). This also takes up a lot of time and resources making it a very tedious job in this field of education.

Since they lack in tracking their personnel and students, they find it very hard to scrutinize them in their respective educational institutes whether they are regular or not.

These educational institutes can’t assess their teachers’/lecturers’ level of teaching or if they are teaching according the standards set by the Government since they don’t have a solid database at a single place to access and review their personnel.

Since they lack a database as mentioned, the management of these institutes face a real hardship managing their fees dues.

The educational institutes are the not the only one at loss over here, parents also face various difficulties such as deciding a proper career path for their children since they don’t have their children’s database such as performance reports and other academic and non-academic related data. Parents are also not able to keep track of what is being taught on a specific day or in a specific subject. Parents and teachers both have difficulties in assessing the child’s weaknesses and where is the attention most needed.

Verifer keeping all of these issues in mind developed a system for the educational institutes field through which the institutes and parents can overcome the flaws and go beyond. Verifer, for the betterment of all the stake holders, specifically for Management, developed the various modules.

Modules for Educational Institutes

Academic Module:

Syllabus and Session Plans

Timetable (Also On mobile app)

Student Attendance (Also on mobile app)

Assignment publishing (Also on mobile app)

Assignment bank (Accessible on mobile app)

Examination Management

Result computation and publishing

Result analysis

Online Exams (Practice exams on mobile app)

Student Feedback (Available on mobile app)

E-learning- Online lesson creation and publishing (Also accessible on app)

Student Projects Management

Student Dossier and Transcripts

Certificates- e- Certificates and printable certificates

Student Module:

Exhaustive student profile management

Student ID card generation and Printing

Student Transfers and exits

Attendance Reporting (Also On mobile app)

Student Leave application (Also On mobile app)

Assigning GFM/ Mentor to students

Creation of Batches and assignment of optional subjects

Creation of events and marking attendance of the same

Alumni Module (With Alumni-Connect app on mobile)

Native Android app for Students

Student Certificates e-Repository with upload through mobile app.

Exhaustive reporting

HR Module:

Exhaustive employee profile management

Employee ID card generation and Printing

Employee Transfers and exits

Integrated Biometric Attendance

Multilayer employee hierarchy management

Leave Management, leave application and replacements, Leave approvals (Applications & approvals on mobile app)

Leave policy creation & policy definitions

Employee Tax declaration (Also through mobile app)

Employee Performance Analysis


Native Android app for Faculty

Exhaustive reporting

Finance Module:

Fees head definitions

Waiver categories

Govt. Scholarships

Definition of Payment Schedule/s

Fees Templates and postings

Generation of Invoice/Challans

Fees Collection

Fees refund- Overpaid, Deposits etc.

Online Payment Gateway integration (Payment Facility on Mobile app)

Salary Heads definitions, Salary Info

Payroll Processing

Salary Slip Generation

Investment declaration and Taxation Management

Generation of form 16

Exhaustive analysis and reporting

Inventory & Asset Module:

Definition of Item types, UoM types, Locations

Tax Master

Assets Master, auto depreciation calculator

Generation of Purchase requisitions & Purchase Orders

GRN, Asset transactions

Categorized Asset Information

Item Stock Info

Material Issue and Receipts

Stock Taking through android app

Library Module:

Definition of Library infrastructure, Clas
sifications, Filing details, Author & Publishers details, Issue and Issuer class, Item Issue Policies, Periodicals etc.

Definition of issue deposit rules and overdue fines.

Barcode generation for Library Items and Student Library Cards, creation of Item demand, supplier details, Generation of Item Buy Lists.

Item Issue/Deposits- by Id card, by Class, by accession number

Library Item acquisition and retirement

Facility for uploading E-Books, availability of e-books to students and faculty on their android app

Item browsing, reservation and booking on the android app.

Exhaustive reporting with smart generation of item moving list for optimized utility of library

Time Table Module

Definition of Activities, Day Types

Definition of Session Difficulty Levels

Definition of Resources, Yearly Events

Creation of Period Plan, Periodic Assignments, Subject Plans etc.

Defining the Faculty availability (On roll & visiting).

Defining the Resource availability for optimum resource utility

Timetable imports and exports

Availability on Android app for Faculty and students

Auto timetable adjustment when faculty on leave and replacement taking lecture

Auto Push Notification to students on their android app in the event of timetable change

Auto reminder to faculty for change in lecture or replacement lecture.

Communication Module:

Integrated & free SMS Gateway

Definition of messaging policies

Flat messaging on android phone and browser

Configurable Auto notifications for crucial functions

Broadcasting circulars

Publishing of notices with attachments

Push notifications on android app.

Broadcasting of multimedia messages

Mobile/browser based instant messaging.

Online Admission with Lead Management Module:

Online Admission Management-

Admission Process Creation

Admission Process Launching with auto broadcast in your feeder network in non-conflicting mode

E-Document upload

Document verification and auto reminders for pending documents submission

Admission form filling through Android app

Seamless Social Media based Virility creation by letting your students and applicants to share the open admission info to WhatsApp groups and Facebook wall from android app.

Institute branding in feeder network

Lead Management System-

Lead Generation

Assigning and monitoring Lead Agent

Lead Import and Tracking

Auto Reminders

Lead Messaging

Recruitment, Internship & Placement Module:

On campus Recruitments-

Creation and publishing of Institute recruitments

Definition of posts, vacancies, notice period and joining dates

Managing eligibility

Online application with documents upload

Applications management

Document verification and auto reminders for pending documents submission


Defining companies and agencies

Defining and publishing Internship information

Managing company contacts and supervisors’ info

Publishing internship leads to students

All@ME provides leads to students from our 900+ associated companies


Defining opportunities and recruiters

Launching of placement drive

Student enrollment

Notification to students

Exhaustive reporting and analysis for TPO

All@ME provides placement leads to students from our 900+ associated companies

Optimised Resource Utilisation System Module:

This is the breakthrough module by Verifer which is primarily developed to achieve an optimum utilization of resources available at campuses with multiple institutes. In the huge campuses like MIT there is huge investment made in numerous resources like Conf. Rooms, Classrooms, and Labs etc. It is found that the utility of these resources is highly unbalanced. Some resources are highly over utilized and some are highly underutilized. Many of the times faculty from one institute wants to conduct a particular session for his/her students on a particular day but unable to do so because of unavailability of resource in his institute. But on the other hand there is a required resource available in the other institute from the same campus. O-RUMS precisely solves this problem by making available the resource search and booking facility right from the mobile devices across the institutes from the same campus.

  • Defining the location Type E.g. Lab, classrooms, seminar hall, conf. rooms etc
  • Defining the facilities available at each location e.g. PA system, Computer, Projector, AC etc
  • Defining the location capacity and availability timings
  • Resource search with required facilities and capacity (Available on android app)
  • Online reservation and Booking of resource (Available on android app)
  • Bulk Resource Import



Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Module:

This is another exceptional feature available with Verifer ERP. This module is primarily developed for administrators and directors who want to have instant access to key information about institute. Senior management can’t micro manage the institute at all times so KPI provides them the KEY information about the Exceptions occurring in the institute which may require their attention. This feature enables them to “Manage by Exception”.

KPI can be set for Student Attendance, Staff Attendance, Fees Collection, Session Plans, Academic Health

Every KPI can be set with threshold for RAG (Red, Amber, and Green) status.

Every KPI in green means there is no attention required as everything is going well in the institute. When it turns Amber or Red means things are not going well and senior management needs to intervene in the key operations.

By drilling down the KPI you can actually reach to the root cause of the problem. And the staff member responsible for the problem can be directly contacted by the means of Android App.

All KPIs are available on the android app. The Red and Amber Status is automatically notified to Management on their android app.


Online Exam Module:

Defining subject wise sections, topics, sub topics

Creation of question banks

Creation of exam schedule

Creating real or practice exam

Auto exam creation engine

Upload question artifacts

Creation of model answers with facility to attach multimedia to model answer

Exam app for PC blocks access to any other program on PC.

Auto Shuffling of questions to add security

Instant result computation

Practice exams on android app

Feedback & Survey Module:

Define templates for various types of feedbacks and surveys.

Create and launch feedback and/or survey

Students are auto notified on their android app

All the surveys and feedbacks are available on android app

Exhaustive reporting for the feedbacks and surveys

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