When it’s time to set enrollment strategy for your institute, how do you gather and analyze the necessary data to optimize student enrollment and to plan staffing for the upcoming school year? Until recently, the only options out there were paper-intensive, time-consuming, and very inefficient. Even when these processes are managed via individual Google forms and spreadsheets, which don’t lend themselves well to real-time analysis or reporting, they can leave considerable room for human error. But now, online and mobile enrollment systems can help districts and schools quickly understand how enrolment is shaping up in a fraction of the time it would have taken them before.

Without an online system that can centrally store, manage, and organize enrolment data, it can be hard to get a clear understanding of how enrollment and re-enrollment are shaping up each year. Some of the schools we’ve worked with note that before they moved to an online enrollment system, it was like chasing a moving target because they didn’t know how many applicants and new re-enrolling students there were. Re-enrollment planning was tough, and it was difficult to know how many kids would show up. Now, using an application and enrollment dashboard, schools can view the number of prospective students progressing through each stage of the enrollment and registration process in real time. This data can be used to improve enrolment number, capture shifting population and choice trends, and help schools make better staffing decisions earlier in the year.

Enrollment and Registrations with the help of Verifer

With the help of this app the management can directly give access to the candidates to enroll on their database, with the help of which the candidate can submit the information directly with the help of app which is installed on their phones or tablets.

The next most tedious work as far as management is concerned is building and printing of Student ID cards. Earlier for each and every student the management had to create a new profile, but as the trend has changed, now with the help of Verifer, the student ID card can be generated with just the click.

The next big mess is the attendance as far as schools and colleges are concerned. With the help of Verifer, the management can mark the attendance with the help of all@me which simplifies the work and makes it less complex.

The main evaluation component as far as education field is concerned are the assignments, each and every faculty gives assignment to the students, with a particular deadline. Traditionally this notice would be displayed on the notice board. On the contrary if this notification is received on the phone with the help of the app, students can easily access it and this will help them to complete and submit assignments on time.

It’s not possible for a student to attend each and every class. There can be various reasons, like health issues, for absenteeism. In this situation the student can fill the leave application form, with the help of the app. The advantage of this facility is that, the candidate will not have to call anyone for the leave, or wait for a response. This facilitates the process and reduces complexity.

The one main component that enhances the name and brand of the institute is the Alumni network. Their stable career prospects build a reputation for the institutes they come from. This helps the other students to get a good corporate exposure and opportunities. Thus the relationship with the Alumni is considered to be an important factor. With the help of the Verifer and all@me the institute can directly connect with their Alumni through the Alumni-Connect section.

With the help of this fully developed and simplified app, the institute can work efficiently and smartly. It helps the past and future batches to connect to the institute easily. Use of such technology helps build a knack for such advanced methods and trains students in a way that most other schools do not. This also gives them an edge over other students and helps them adjust better in this technologically advanced world.


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