The Library Management Module has been designed to manage the overall operation of any library. It is all set to handle book issues, returns, subscriptions, etc. This module helps in reducing the workload of librarians and helps users to find what they want easily, this is facilitated by a user friendly UI.

With the help of Verifer’s Library Management Module, definition of Library infrastructure, classifications, filing details, author & publishers details, issue and issuer details, item issue policies, periodicals etc. can be done successfully.

The Module is also equipped with a Bar Code assistant, which helps to generate barcodes, read and record the same. The system also allows to generate ID cards. Reserved book lists can be viewed, new reservations can be made, issuing of the books, depositing books and returning books can also be managed with this module. All these features reduce the paperwork of the librarian and everything is integrated into a software to make things much easier than doing manually.

The other unique feature of Verifer’s Library Management is the facility of uploading E-books. As there are many students in the institutes, it is not possible for management to keep as many number of books; in this situation E-books plays an important role,which helps both students and faculty to read and download the books. Uploading of E-books and checking for the availability of this books can also be checked with the help of Verifer’s android app.

Report generation is considered to be one of the most important features of the software, it enables the management to track their records. Reports about the books issued/returned and the library fees can be obtained form here. Verifer’s Library Management, generates the report which also includes generation of item moving list for optimized utility of  the library.

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