One of the exceptional features available with the Verifer ERP is the KPI or Key Performance Indicators Module. It is developed for administrators and directors who will get instant access to key information about the institute and its functioning.  What this module does is that it processes and presents key information about the exceptions which may require some special attention. Since the senior management of the institution cannot micro manage the institute all the times so KPI helps them with the same and puts all the aforementioned information under one “roof” or module per se.


KPI module can be set for various things such as students’ attendance. staff attendance, fees collection, session plans and academic health, just to name a few.

Each KPI has the feature to be set with a threshold for a certain status (RAG-Red,Amber and Green), Green depicting that no attention is required as the specific item is functioning at its best in the institute. Similarly Red or Amber status depicts the opposite of the Green status, KPI with the Red or Amber status needs specific attention from the senior management requiring their intervention in the key operations of the institute.

Proper analysis of the KPIs can actually help the senior management to reach the root cause of the problem. The Verifer ERP has the feature where the staff member responsible for the problem can be contacted via the Android App. All the KPIs are available on the Verifer Android App. The Red and Amber status is automatically notified to the Management on the same platform.


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