The first and foremost reason to cover the financial module is that any organization, be it educational or manufacturing, needs financial management to manage its financial activities. The Finance module helps to record every day transactions like payments to vendors, cash entries, and journals, etc. This is important as financial and accounting management needs to be taken care of. Financial and Accounting management module of an ERP solution integrates all departments in the institutes under one umbrella.

All kind of organizations small or large scale, benefit from the implementation of an ERP finance module. It is the core of many ERP software systems. It can gather financial data from various functional departments and can generate valuable financial reports such payroll, government scholarship, salary slip, etc.

Fees Management

Verifer Finance management module manages the institute’s budget and meets their reporting requirements. This is a complete package consisting of integrated modules that gives executive functions to college departments like Accounting, Payment Operations, Transaction, Budget Plan, Scholarship / Grants Management, Stock Management, Book Keeping and Report Generation.

With the help of Verifer the institute can have a customized fees head as per requirement. This is a unique proposition, whereby the user can make changes as per his needs. The following are a few examples:-

  • Tuition Fees
  • Development Fees
  • Stationary Fees

The next feature of the Fees Management system provided by Verifer is the Waiver categories. This mainly involves RTE, Sibling Discount, Staff Quota, etc. This can serve as a benefit as far as the institute is concerned because, if the institute gives the waiver discounts to a good number of students, more would get attracted towards it.This in turn builds a market and a brand image for the institute.

To stay updated with the fast moving era (technologically),existing equipment and know-how have to be updated to make work simpler. Equipment updation and purchase is can be done in bulk payment or in installments. The benefit of using Verifer is that all these kind of transactions can be recorded.

Also, fee collection can be done with the help of this software. An individual gateway is created for parents to access the fee payment portal on laptops as well as laptops. At the end of the fee payment process, the invoice number and invoice is generated instantly which can be saved in soft copy for future use.


The Payroll application is a robust, comprehensive payroll system built to streamline your workflow. Whether it’s stick to Affordable Care Act/Occupation Safety and health Organization and other government requirements, processing unlimited payrolls without conflict, or securing data at any level, Verifer’s application is full of options & automated features to streamline your payroll process.

The Verifer fee management module provides path-breaking software solutions for management fees. We provide completely secure gateways to pay your students’ fees without any problem. We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and we leave no stone unturned to make our clients comfortable with all possible solutions. Pay fees online through our secured system and help us to provide hassle-free education to your students.

Benefits for Parents

If you are tired of rushing to banks and colleges, we have good news! We offer the best software to pay fees instant and online. Use our college fee management module and make hush with your life!

  • Pay fees as per your convenience
  • No more wasting time, standing in the queue
  • Safe payment mode

At Verifer, we develop smart, automatic and cloud-based college fee management module that enables stress-free payment to the parents.

Benefits for Colleges

Colleges can aid the following benefits to using our cloud-based college fee management module:

  • Easy & safe collection of fees through online
  • Secured database & regular maintenance
  • Track online fees and other accounts
  • We prevent fraud transaction
  • We save your money with less involvement of the workforce
  • Make transactions 24×7

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