Communication, in an organization is of paramount importance. Communication and organization are two words that go hand in hand and one cannot be called complete without the other. Everything that happens in an organization has to be informed to every entity, regardless of whatever role they play. To achieve common goals, every person should be well informed about all the happenings of an organization.

In an educational institute, it is important that the mode of communication between the Administration, the teachers, the students and the parents be fast and effective.  No School ERP software solution is complete without an effective school communication system. Our Verifer ERP provides you just the solution for that. Events or meetings, holidays or sudden changes, can all be communicated very easily to everyone on a click of a button. Informing parents about their children was never easier. Assigning homework or tasks for the next class could not be more efficient.

The Communication Module provides a cost effective way to communicate with teachers, students and parents in an integrated system via SMS and e-Mails. In a world as fast as ours, people prefer sending and receiving personalized messages on personal devices for efficiency. What could be easier and faster than using an Android app on your mobile phone to communicate with your teacher or sending an assignment in bulk to all your students?

Our ERP System provides a complete solution wherein the following features are available:

  • Personalised text SMS to chosen recipients.
  • Bulk SMS/e-mail sending options.
  • Available SMS Templates for regular use.
  • Module available on the Mobile app for parents and students, for ease of use.
  • Instant Messaging system available on Mobile app for communication between teachers and students.
  • Push notifications on Android Mobile App.
  • Configurable auto notifications for crucial functions.
  • Broadcasting Multimedia Messages.

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