The admission application season is just around the corner and university deadlines are coming up soon. So, here is our much awaited blog for schools and colleges admission process steps.

Our list covers 104 schools and colleges with deadlines ranging from December  all the way up to August .

To get admission in your dream institute, you would have to follow the steps explained below:-

Step 1:- Download App via Verifer Website

  • Candidates will have to download the all@me app from the link given on the Verifer Website. After downloading, the candidate has to register themselves.
  • As the registration is done, a One Time Password (OTP) will get generated, which will complete the process.
  • Candidate’s data is made available on the verifer dashboard where candidate can be reviewed, contacted and promoted.
  • The candidate can also complete all the form filling formalities by connecting to the online portal in case of unavailability of an android phone.

Step 2:- Go to the Admission Section available on the app

  • As the candidate downloads the app and gets enrolled on it, they get exposed to large number of schools and colleges from where they can choose or apply for the schools or colleges of their choice.
  • Candidates can access to the admission forms of institutes directly, which is one of the major benefits of using the Verifer app; the candidate will not have to be in the queue, in hot sunny weather waiting for their application to get accessed.
  • With the help of this app, the candidate can also see the number of seats available in particular institute, which helps them to make strategic decisions for their careers.

Step 3:- Filling of Admission Form

  • After gathering information about institutes, their last date of registration, etc., candidates can directly fill the forms on the app.
  • For that the candidate should select the particular institute in which they have to enroll, after which the application form would appear.
  • The form contains the basic information that the candidate will need to fill; this data directly gets added to the institute database, which they use to shortlist candidates.

These are the all necessary steps, the candidate should follow in order to get admission in prestigious institute of the arena, with the help of which they can secure their future. Verifer takes great pride in the fact that we help the future of our nation design the careers better.

Now for the highlights that Verifer provides. There are two special features that set us apart from other systems. We have done this for our clients and could do it for others too.

  • Cross branding in a non-conflicted way for all our clients: This helps us to promote colleges and schools to students on our platform in such a way that it does not hurt our clients in any way. For example, a student who studies science in his senior school, would typically look for a college in the same stream. Hence, we would help promote the prospective colleges the student would look at. The benefits being, the students and the institution get exactly what they want, targeted search results.
  • Another extra feature that we at Verifer provide, is a completely separate mobile app specifically for admissions. A whole new application, exclusively for admissions in institutes would make things so much easier. The traditional method of online applications via the website would run side by side, with an added benefit of downloading the admissions app on the mobile phone. Who would not want to do college applications on their mobile phones and save time? There’s still more. The app would also have a feature for social media sharing, which promotes the institute’s app. The question that arises now is, why students would share the app link on their social media accounts. For a small discount on their application forms. The promotion of the institute of every student’s social media accounts would come at a small cost of a discount that they would avail on applying to the institution.

These features are exclusively available with Verifer. We aim at making lives of students and institutes easier, and believe, we are on the right path!

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