It is essential to know that utilizing ERP for automating your institute does not need to be a confounded and costly process. The prime concern of Educational erp software companies in India is to fill the gap in the overall market for education institute management software. Our all@me has phenomenal worth included elements, you could be appreciating the uses and comfort of an “ERP” in a matter of seconds.

Some of the necessary features available in our Academics Module are explained below:-

  • Time-Table Scheduling

There can be many conditions when there is a need for a time table management system. With quick access to all the functions such as adding an item to the timetable, deleting a pre-defined class or allocating a new class to a new faculty just takes a few minutes, saving a lot of time for everyone.

Major features

  • Auto generation of schedule from preset data
  • Manually amend and create timetables user friendly
  • Track absentees
  • Time to time re-arrangement
  • Flexibility
  • Assign substitute teachers
  • In-depth classroom analysis
  • Report of teachers teaching a particular subject for a class
  • Report generation
  • Class-wise subject/teacher setting
  • Daily class activity recorder
  • Time Table verification
  • Schedule generation for lab/project/extra class/others
  • Reports
  • Student Attendance

The attendance management is draft to handle the attendance factor of institutes of all sizes. Attendance of the students is taken and the same is entered in the systems by the respective teachers. All the reports can be generated instantly so that certain decisions can be taken based on attendance. The salient features of these modules are:-

The attendance management module helps administration of the user institute in granting and canceling of employee leaves.

  • Period wise attendance: At institutes, attendance is taken in each class and attendance management module of the ERP software beautifully performs the task.
  • Absentees: Attendance management module marks absent students separately. This feature helps teachers to find out absent students and support them to cover missed-out portions taught the day student was absent.
  • Report Preparation:This module prepares instant reports separately on various categories including
  1. Present-Absent Report
  2. Average Attendance Report
  3. Session Plan Report
  4. Override Attendance Report

This feature of report generation helps the user institution to take attendance-based decisions promptly.

  • Assignment Publishing

Assignments are consider to be one of the most important component as far as education field is concern. Faculty has to carry bundle of loads as students submit their assignments, which can be consider as hectic situation. This can be simplified with the help of Verifer ERP, as the assignment can directly be uploaded on the system, which then creates a detailed report specifying, the class, subject, assignment and status as in Awaited, Submitted and Assessed.

  • Result Analysis

The computation of results and analysis of students is an object centered activity. Hence, Verifer implemented automatic processes that efficiently capture all the important data associated with the registration and examination result processing within the college and the interactions among the students and parents.

Major features

  • Enhance speedy result
  • Eliminate error due to manual processing
  • Provide security measure to check result
  • Performance analysis class wise
  • Performance analysis batch wise
  • Performance analysis course wise
  • Report availability


  • Student/Parent Feedback

As far as institute is concern, feedback is considered to be one of the important aspect for rating of the institute, by the help of which the institute can list their positive and negative points and further work on it.

This facility is available both on website and app, by the help of which both students and parents can give their valuable feedback to the institute, by the help of which in future they can eliminate their errors and excel.

Student Feedback approach is basically about institutional Practices, Process and Frameworks. It includes the following

  1. Survey of the learning environment through questioners and Focus group discussions.
  2. Student identity is confidential.
  3. Finding of the survey are shown as Analysis Reports.
  4. Student Suggestion on Practical Lab, Classroom, Library, Other suggestions are considered and displayed.


  • E-learning- Online lesson creation and publishing

The focus of e-Learning and training is more on delivering constant learning and development rather than a one off training session or rapid knowledge transfer through an orientation program. Such an outlook is more long term and ensures constant growth of knowledge and skills in tune with the existing requirements.

We at Verifer deliver e-Learning works alongside traditional education in most institutions, in the sense that it attracts different groups of students who they’d otherwise miss.

But there’s also another way that this is true: e-Learning material can supplement traditional courses, e.g. by offering help for students that need it, or giving material beyond the  curriculum for extra bright students. It’s also an excellent way to offer students some extra knowledge alongside their class based lectures.

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