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Innovation & Goals

Goal 1. To empower students to achieve their dreams

Innovation 1. Education & career planning

The key feature which differentiates and places Verifer in a unique position is that it uses Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, to bring out the very best in each pupil. This goes far beyond the traditional notion of intelligence based on I.Q. testing and in fact, considers a total of 8 intelligences that are present in each person, viz.:

  • Musical-rhythmic and harmonic
  • Visual-spatial
  • Verbal-linguistic
  • Logical-mathematical
  • Bodily-kinesthetic
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Naturalistic

Hence no child's future is relegated merely to a mark-sheet and mere scholastics. Verifer has a unique algorithm that analyses data, without any extra burden being imposed, only using the regular assessment and some inputs from teachers and parents, to plot and develop the innate potential in every student and helps to chart alternative routes towards a fulfilled and rewarding life.

Goal 2. To establish and manage a safe environment for students on Campus and in transit.

Innovation 2. Bluetooth & Biometrics for Student safety & campus visitor management

The safety and security of students while in campus and during their daily commute to and fro is another critical concern of Verifer. A bluetooth beacon based student tracking system guards them on campus, without the harmful effects of RFID technology.
A fully integrated bus tracking and transport management system, that keeps the school and parents informed, in real time, of the progress of the children along the route, insures their protection at all times. A biometric, mobile device effectively manages visitors to the campus and authorizes pick up of the children at school.

Goal 3. To improvise the reach and the brand value of an Institution

Innovation 3. Admission management with digital marketing & brand building

Verifer has a organic and virile online admission system that also incorporates a powerful digital marketing system for brand building. This greatly enhances the image and reputation of the institution on education and e-commerce platforms. Institutions use the Verifer system to act as an effective force multiplier to achieve their admission targets and boost their image.

Goal 4. Liberate the top management from the micro management of an institution so that they can utilize their precious time to innovate, improvise and expand.

Innovation 4. KPI Key Performance Indicators

The KPI module in Verifer provides accurate inputs for decision making by management. It studies performance in key sectors and highlights variance for cogent management by exception that enhances overall performance of the entire institution.

Goal 5. To nourish teachers for the betterment of the students

Innovation 5. Faculty development program

The Verifer system has dedicated programs that specifically target faculty selection, training, development and appraisal which is the lifeblood of any institution.

Innovation 6. App Based Attendance

Verifer App based attendance system also provides precise attendance record using an OTP. The entire process is completed within 30 seconds by all students that are present, entering the OTP in their mobile phones to mark their attendance.

Innovation 7. Biometric attendance

Verifer's mobile biometric attendance system that gives perfect results, without the chance of any manipulation. This is fully integrated with Verifer to provide precise reports in real time, that are available to management, teachers and parents.