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In India, the education industry’s turnover is currently estimated to be over $ 100 Billion per annum. In spite of the large volume of business, this industry is the least organized and unaffiliated, leaving students and parents uncertain of their own special skills and aptitudes and unaware of the many opportunities and paths ahead. In contrast, even the most mundane of service sectors, have many portals that lead to comprehensive data-bases and provide a multitude of options even to a casual visitor. The more competitive and distinguished sectors such as Travel, Hospitality, Health, Insurance, Finance, Banking and Retail are fully amalgamated to instantly furnish an exhaustive range of offers and information, after considering many parameters that include user expectations, finance, location and content.

The education sector lags behind the field and each entity often goes it alone. It does not fall within the ambit of any organized data-base and neither is any empirical study easily possible, given that education is governed by the states and there is little national consensus or coordination between regions.Under these circumstances, students and parents and left floundering when it comes to making critical decisions about the most important aspect of their; life their future!

The Verifer eco-system developed by Tansar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. imparts relevant information to chart the best course for every student’s future. This includes academics, extra-curricular activities, hobbies and the holistic development of each pupil.

Based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory and testing technique, Verifer has developed a unique algorithm to assess each student and provide the best course for the future.
Mobilize through the Verifer eco-system
Explore (All about me) value added services and analysis for students and parents
Connect (Connect Me +) chart the optimum course for life-long fulfillment

Based on Dr. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, it collates data from multiple points in order to chalk out the best route ahead for each individual student. Verifer celebrates the individuality and uniqueness of every child and provides a special program based on its interests, ability, aptitude and intelligence.

Our Achievement


Founded in 2011
Awarded “Best Startup in India” by Silicon India in 2013
Associated with “City International Schools” and a renowned technical institute for beta testing
Commercially launched in 2015
Supported by Microsoft BizSpark in 2015
Successfully implemented in 100+ institutes by the end of 2016
Felicitated by One of the renowned education trust
Played a key role in NBA and NAAC accreditation for a renowned technical campus in Pune
Felicitated by renowned school in Goa for publishing the final results in record time of 1 day
Featured on cover page of Silicon India Magazine’s November 2018 issue as the Most Promising Educational App.
Felicitated, recognized and awarded by Narottam Morarjee Institute of Shipping (A joint auspice of Govt. of India and Shipping Industry)on their 50th Anniversary celebration in Feb 2019

student fees management: Fees Management System acts as a strong 
		                                                       tool as it can define fees per student based on their standard and 
															   category they belong to. Generate monthly/daily reports for individuals
															   or class wise, etc