Library Management

Library management system has been designed to manage the overall functioning of library. This sophisticated system is capable of handling books issue, returns, periodicals subscription

Communication Module

Communication with parents and teachers online through apps increases the interconnections between them. Send messages, alerts and notifications for the entire school, a single class or group of students or a single student.

Finance Module

VeriferEdu Finance management module manages institute budget and meet institute’s reporting requirements. This is a suite consisting of integrated modules that gives executive functions to college departments.

Academics Module

It is essential to know that utilizing ERP for automating your Academics ,Verifer has incredible worth included elements, you could be appreciating the uses and comfort of an “ERP” in a matter of seconds.

Students Module

Verifer When it’s time to set enrollment strategy for your institute, how do you gather and analyze the necessary data to optimize student enrollment and to plan staffing for the upcoming school year? Until recently, the only options out there were paper-intensive,...

Admission Module

The admission application season is just round the corner and university deadlines are coming up soon. So, here is the description of Verifer Admission Module.